Htamané (Glutinous Rice Festival) – February 16, 2017

img_1706Htamané is held during Tabodwe, the eleventh month of the Burmese calendar. Men collaborate to make sticky rice, which is to be offered first to Buddha and monasteries, and then to family, friends, and neighbors. On February 16, each department from the university competed to produce the most delicious sticky rice. Students and faculty arrived early (about 6 or 6:30 a.m.) to prepare for this annual competition. Unlike the sticky rice found in other Southeast Asian countries, the sticky rice in Burma is made with peanuts, coconuts, sesame seed, ginger, peanut oil, and of course, white rice.

It was very fun to watch all of the students cheer for their department’s team. It made for a very lively morning. In addition to the competition, students and teachers entertained the audience by singing and dancing. After some entertainment, the awards were given out and the winners were announced. Several Mon government officials were present to hand out awards.


I’m happy to say that the English department received 2nd place, which I heard is the first time that the department placed so high in this competition. Congratulations to the team and faculty for preparing a tasty dish!



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