Gera · Student exchanges

My Adventure Begins

Tomorrow is when my adventure begins. Three planes and a train will get me to my new family who will take me under their wings for 3 weeks. Talking to them for the past few days have been full of excitement, wondering when they were going to reply back, the time difference, and realizing that they would never reply back that day because they were sleeping. Seeing all the pictures of their family and my host sister’s friends have kept my phone glued by my side.

I have packed, unpacked, and re-packed my suit case multiple times in the week that I have had it. I want everything to be perfect and nothing to be forgotten; I have made countless check lists. Despite numerous questions to anyone that would be willing to listen, I still feel unprepared for what awaits me. It is a terrifying, yet exciting feeling.

Saying good-bye to my friends today was what really sank the thought that I am actually leaving tomorrow. I posted on other social media when there was 44 days left till my departure; at that time it seemed so far away, something to not worry about yet. As I sit here, knowing that my family is sleeping in their beds, and in a few days at this time I will be waking up is the great realization that I am really leaving the country tomorrow. It seems surreal.

Everything from planes to trains to bicycle rides, will take me to and through Germany, on this adventure, that begins tomorrow.



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