Gera · Student exchanges

First days in Germany

It’s been four days since I arrived in Germany and time has been going so fast. I have been doing a lot of things, experiencing a lot of new foods, and meeting a lot of people.

My host family is really great and super funny! They are always making sure I am okay with everything, that I am fed, that I have snacks for the day, and most importantly, that I am awake on time.

I have also made a great friendship with another host family’s daughter that I hope will last a lifetime. For the past two days I have hung out with her and another one of the students from our group in a trip to Erfurt to go shopping, restaurants for dinner, and sleepovers! It’s great to see how making new friends will intertwine to make more friends!

Today was our group barbecue with all of our host families. It was great with lots of card games! Americans vs. Germans is what we called it. Both won a lot of times and it was really fun!

More fun to come though, all I ask is that time slows down! It would be greatly appreciated!



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