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Final Reflections from Germany

(July 2)

Today I sit on my hotel bed and think of the past few weeks and how they changed my life.

I leave Germany today, but not for good. I will return someday to see all the people I am leaving behind and all the memories. Within the next year some of the friends I have made will be coming to Fort Wayne and I will get to see them then. I am beyond excited to be able to show them my world as they showed me theirs. To be able to share this bond with them is amazing and this whole opportunity has changed my life.  Continue reading “Final Reflections from Germany”

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First days in Germany

It’s been four days since I arrived in Germany and time has been going so fast. I have been doing a lot of things, experiencing a lot of new foods, and meeting a lot of people.

My host family is really great and super funny! They are always making sure I am okay with everything, that I am fed, that I have snacks for the day, and most importantly, that I am awake on time.
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My Adventure Begins

Tomorrow is when my adventure begins. Three planes and a train will get me to my new family who will take me under their wings for 3 weeks. Talking to them for the past few days have been full of excitement, wondering when they were going to reply back, the time difference, and realizing that they would never reply back that day because they were sleeping. Seeing all the pictures of their family and my host sister’s friends have kept my phone glued by my side.

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