Htamané (Glutinous Rice Festival) – February 16, 2017

img_1706Htamané is held during Tabodwe, the eleventh month of the Burmese calendar. Men collaborate to make sticky rice, which is to be offered first to Buddha and monasteries, and then to family, friends, and neighbors. On February 16, each department from the university competed to produce the most delicious sticky rice. Students and faculty arrived early (about 6 or 6:30 a.m.) to prepare for this annual competition. Unlike the sticky rice found in other Southeast Asian countries, the sticky rice in Burma is made with peanuts, coconuts, sesame seed, ginger, peanut oil, and of course, white rice.

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First ESL Teacher Program – Mawlamyine, Myanmar


Mingalabar! Greetings from sunny Mawlamyine, Myanmar. It has been about two weeks since I arrived in Mawlamyine. I traveled with members of the Fort Wayne Sister Cities Mawlamyine committee to discuss and conduct our first ESL teacher program. Fort Wayne, Indiana is the first U.S. city to have a Friendship City relationship with a city in Myanmar. [Click here for more info on our Friendship City agreement.]  

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Welcome to the Fort Wayne Sister Cities blog


Happy New Year! May we welcome 2017 with optimism and hope as we strengthen our friendships within our community and across the globe.

Fort Wayne Sister Cities has an extensive history of forming connections and building friendships through student and professional exchanges, business development, and local events. This blog is a space to dialogue with Fort Wayne Sister Cities, document relevant activities (including our travels and exchanges), and reflect on our central mission of promoting international understanding and peaceful relations.

We hope that by learning more about our Sister Cities and our work that you will be inspired to take part in promoting peace and understanding – one person, one community at a time.